Invest in your business. Invest in Crested Butte.

Purchase a home for your employees now!


The Town Council approved the sale of 10 housing units in Paradise Park to Local Businesses to house your employees. These units are priced to sell and represent the Town’s commitment to providing housing to the local workforce for years to come. The price of these units have been subsidized by the Town to make them affordable for your business to purchase. This is an exciting opportunity for your business to own rental housing for your workforce. Imagine the security of knowing that your most valued employees or that hard to fill position has secure housing for the season and has committed to working for you!


A Gunnison County Employer is defined as a business whose business address is located within Gunnison County, whose business employs workers within Gunnison County, who work in Gunnison County, and/or whose business taxes are paid in Gunnison County.

  • In the event of the future sale, the unit must be sold to a qualified local buyer making less than 200% AMI or another Gunnison County Employer

  • Units would have to be rented as minimum of 6 month long-term rentals as defined in the Town Code to qualified renters that work for your business or in the event you do not have an employee in need of a unit, another local that derives at least 80% of their income in Gunnison County

  • Units would be deed restricted with sale appreciation caps into the future with limits of 3% or the percentage increase of the Consumer Price Index whichever is less would apply

  • There are no caps on rental rates or restrictions on your leases

  • Dependent on interest levels, a lottery may be held for the sale of units

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11 Ninth Street

13 Ninth Street

15 Ninth Street

922 Butte

924 Butte

8 Ninth Street

10 Ninth Street

12 Ninth Street

14 Ninth Street

16 Ninth Street